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Grisette Gamay

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Grisette was the first of its kind to emerge at Hafis, earning the esteemed title of our very first beer fermented entirely in oak (aka The Foeder Pyramid™). It's a low ABV, refreshing sipper dry-hopped with French Strisselspalt hops (a variety that's as fun to say as it is delicious), that balances subtle brett, light acidity, and sky-high drinkability.

A small portion of this version was conditioned on Gamay grapes, and then blended with unfruited Grisette for lightness and balance. 

What it smells like, what it tastes like: The beer itself is dry and slightly acidic, with soft brett aromatics, and complementary herbal, floral, and citrus notes.

4.4% ALC/VOL | 500mL bottle 

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Ossington Ave
Hafis Rd