Though the process of readying our online bottle shop has felt like a fast-moving train over the last month, the reality is that it’s part of a long-term project that has spanned several years -- from the time that Hafis was just a dusty construction site, all the way to the complex production facility/robust oak farm/ubiquitous bird sanctuary that it is today.

We are incredibly excited to announce that we’re launching our online bottle shop this December 5th. It’s been a long journey from empty retail shelves on long weekends to where we are today, and the thought of Bellwoods cases arriving at doorsteps all over the province is one that will definitely keep us warm at night. It’s the veritable intersection of legal and internet miracles!

Many of you are likely already familiar with online bottle shops, but we’ll still address some of the general questions below, and then direct you to our FAQs (launching on our new site next week) for anything more in-depth:

  • At 11am on December 5th our online shop will be open for business

  • We’re legally permitted to ship beer anywhere within Ontario (we can ship merch internationally!)

  • If it isn’t obvious, you need to be legal drinking age to place and receive your order

  • We offer a flat rate of $15 on cases of 9X500ml bottles

  • The availability will vary week to week, and we encourage you to sign up for the Weekly Bottle Shop Availability emails to receive updates

  • In the first few weeks we’ll ship orders out 3X per week, with shipping time averaging 2-6 days depending on your location

  • Merch and beer will ship separately. Because the beer orders are being handled by a third party company, and our merch is shipped from Hafis, we’re not able to combine the two at this time

A question that has already come up, and deserves more than a bullet point, is whether the online shop availability will be exactly the same as our physical shops. The answer here is no, and the reason for that is because we need to prioritize inventory in the physical shops, but we’ll absolutely do our best to allocate special releases to the online store when possible (and frequently!). We’ll make sure that our Oss and Hafis bottle shops don’t experience any colossal shortages due to online spikes, while still curating a good spread of old favourites and exciting one offs for the online customers.

One of our big goals for 2019 and beyond is to make our beers easier to access for those outside our Toronto bubble, so this feels like gratifying, positive step in that direction. We’ll likely still have some loose ends to work out in the weeks after we launch, but we’re happy to tackle challenges and questions with gusto. So in the meantime, what can you do to ready yourself for the big day? Exclaim “yaaaaassssss!” with glee, sign up for our Weekly Online Bottle Update email, and get your thumb ready for all the tippity tapping it’ll need to do on your phone screen this December 5th.