1. “All-Inclusive format”: The format of this year’s festival is the same as last year, “all-inclusive”, which means no tokens are required to sample a beer. This is a common approach to festivals we've witnessed and enjoyed at almost every beer festival we have been invited to outside of Ontario. We find that it noticeably improves the flow, wait lines, and overall enjoyment of the event. Within this format there are no restrictions on the beer you choose to drink, as long as you are drinking responsibly.
2. Drinking responsibly: Every booth is staffed with Smart Serve certified servers to ensure people are drinking responsibly. There have been very few issues with overconsumption in past years, and we don’t anticipate we’ll have issues this year. With that said, we must stress that anyone visibly intoxicated cannot legally be served.
3. Session length: Each session is 4 hours long, with the first hour being dedicated solely to the Ontario beer section. The first hour is reminiscent of a bottle share, with each brewery bringing their favourite beers. 
4. Venue: There is more than enough space for people to roam, and lineups are rarely an issue. The festival takes place inside our expansive production facility, where you can gaze upon The Foeder Pyramid™, big ol' brewhouse, and shiny fermentors. We also have a large licensed area on the side of the brewery (Ontario section), and a tent across the entire back parking lot, which means we’re covered rain or shine.